A 40 minute theatrical piece commissioned by CEDA using filmed sections and animation. Involving disabled performers onstage and onscreen. The story is set in the African savannah, where a lion is injured by a trap. He is taunted by a hyena, but eventually the two co-operate to help each other survive.

Sequences involving actors were filmed against a green screen and composited into 3D scenes. Because of the bulkiness of the wheelchairs, actors' performances had to be recorded individually and 'stitched' together.

Stop and go motion sequences made by us, assisted by talented young stop-motion animation artist Roos Mattaar.

Performed at Exmouth Pavilions in March 2015.

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Exeter Pound

Short films promoting the new Exeter Pound. Timelapse painting by numbers. Also an animated ident, first used in a Crowdfunder campaign. 

Christmas Cafe (Dir. Owain Astles, 2015)

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Photos © Jim Elton 

Hell's Bells (Dir. Luke Jeffery, 2016) 
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