Odd Planet Studios: specialising in stop-motion films and model-making.

Odd Planet Studios was started in 2013 by Simon Tytherleigh and Leon Cauchois to make stop motion animations.

Click here to go to Simon’s personal home page.

Our main project is "The Legend of Jan Tregeagle". This is an exciting retelling of an old Cornish legend. Have a look at progress here.

Part of this project is the development of a studio with a 6-axis motion control rig, which has its own page here.

Impisi was an ambitious theatre project for which we provided 40 minutes of backgrounds and animation. Some pictures are here.

There are some films and examples of our work here.

Simon also specialises in make-up effects, and examples of his work can be found here.

And if you want to contact us, please go to this page.