Moco Rig 3 – Autumn 2016

Hard to believe it has been a whole year… but I have constructed a new shed/studio to put the rig in, and so took a break from development. Now it is up and working, with alloy wheels, that move very smoothly along the track. The ballscrew causes the dolly to move quite slowly, but is really slop-free. It’s not a … Read More

Moco Rig 2 – Autumn 2015

The modified dolly runs very smoothly on the alloy ladder section. Fitness weights have been used to balance the jib arm. A problem arises with the PU skateboard wheels, which create flat spots when left in one position for any length of time. These will be changed for metal scooter wheels without the PU tyres. The jib rotation is via … Read More

Moco Rig 1 – Jan 2015

Delays caused by other work have held up construction. The control box and stepper motors have been tested and work well. The overhead bars (the original plan) do not. There is too much bounce, and the plan to use threaded rod was not a good idea. 10mm threaded rod moves 1.5mm per turn, which would make for a very slow … Read More