Simon Tytherleigh (Writer/Director, Sculptor and Animator)

Simon worked in television for 15 years as a special make-up effects artist, principally on ‘Casualty’(when it won the BAFTA for best make-up in 1991 and the RTS Team award in 1992). He has taught prosthetics, sculpture and mould-making at the BBC. He has also worked on several films, including on Terry Gilliam’s ‘Baron Munchausen’, where he painted the figure of Death. Returning to filmmaking in 2012, Simon has been involved in many independent projects and is a founder member of the South West Filmmakers' Lab, and has lectured at Exeter's Two Short Nights film festival.

[read more="Read more” less="Read less”] He has written and directed seven plays for theatre. Simon created an original Frankenstein’s monster for Four of Swords Theatre Company, for promenade performances at Great Fulford manor (2016). He has also acted many roles on stage and for short films.

Simon has always had a passion for stopmotion animation, born out of childhood wonder at seeing Ray Harryhausen's work, but until recently thwarted by the cost and technical challenges involved in analogue production. With his creativity unleashed by the digital revolution, he created animations for ‘Diamonds are for Trevor’ (2012) and ‘Impisi’ (2015), also animated idents and a timelapse for Exeter Pound promotions (2015). His short animation "This is my home' was shown as part of Bristol Homelessness week in 2016. He has designed and built several motion control rigs, one of which has been used by other animators for their stopmotion projects. His large rig was displayed at the English Riviera Film Festival in 2017.

Having spent his life making and designing things, and with an abiding passion for sailing, Simon has built a 10 metre cruising catamaran from scratch, and in 2018 sailed it 2000 miles around the UK. [/read]

Katherine Drake (Producer)

Katherine grew up in Cornwall and directed and produced several stage shows as a student. She also works as an actor on stage and screen, and has starred in several award winning short films, including A Story for Happy (Paramore Productions, 2017) and Cut from Cloth (Spinning Path Films, 2018), with feature film Alien Outbreak (Rendered Pictures) due for released next year. This is her first major project as a producer.

Roos Mattaar (Animator)

Roos comes from the Netherlands and currently resides in Bristol. She graduated with a first-class degree in Animation from the Bristol School of Animation (UWE), and won the prestigious RTS West of England Student Award for her graduation film 'Moonbird'. She has worked with MacKinnon and Saunders and John Wright Modelmaking, and has been involved with projects ranging from feature films (Early man, Isle of Dogs), children's TV series (Postman Pat, Twirlywoos), TV adverts (Harrods, Sainsbury's, Wacom) to music videos (Father John Misty, Sparks), as well as working on commissions. She is based at Hangar Animation studios in Bristol.

Leon Cauchois (Set and Props Builder)

Leon graduated from Plymouth University with a First in Animation, specialising in stopmotion. Following a masters' degree in Ancient History, Leon works as a full-time archaeologist. He also runs his own business, Myth Kraft,  selling mythical objects, and has an abiding interest in Gothic horror.

Marius Legge (Storyboard Artist)

Marius is based in the South West, although his heart is in Portugal. He has many years experience creating storyboards and graphic art for films and books. He has taught drawn animation at ‘Cinanima’ Festival, Espinho, Portugal. For Tregeagle Marius has drawn around 400 storyboards and created the stained glass windows.

Colin Wilson (Composer and Musician)

Colin Wilson got his first guitar at the age of 13 and hasn't let go since. A chance meeting with Phil Beer (Show of Hands) at the age of 17 was the beginning of a great musical journey for them both.

They became known as The Oddfolk having being booked for the first time at The Oddfellows Inn in Exeter where Colin's powerful voice and guitar playing on 6 and 12 stringed guitars and Phil's mandolin ,fiddle and superb harmonies created musical magic and it wasn't long before they were in great demand by the increasing population of Folk Clubs throughout the U.K.

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As a result of a birthday gift, Colin came upon the tale of Jan Tregeagle which inspired him to write his Folk Opera “Jan Tregeagle”, tracing the story of the life and death and sufferings of this infamous real life Judge.

Oddfolk took the opera on tour throughout the South West, Southern England and Wales. A&R Music of Torquay recorded it, and released it on cassette tape.

Colin recorded a solo album “Cloudburst” and with Dave Eustace (percussion) and Olly Dowlen (Double Bass) formed a trio called The Collection, touring the South West with their contemporary songs and reaching the finals of The Melody Maker music competition in Birmingham.

Colin has worked as a solo artist, in duo's, bluegrass bands, and a rock band called Desperate Measures which has two albums featuring many of Colin's songs. Colin formed a trio called The Boys From Melbourne Street which still performs to this day with 4 albums credited, showcasing Colin's diverse and eclectic style. His songs are now being covered by a number of artists and occasional plays on local and national Radio. A 5th album is already written and on its way.

Colin's website is [/read]

Graham Boyle (Composer)

Graham Boyle is a composer and musician keen to develop his work for films. He has composed the music for Tregeagle's trailer and will provide atmospheric music for the film.