Have been making eyeballs, after trying the commercial ones and finding them not quite right.Either too brilliant white or translucent, and the ones with irises just look so exaggerated and fake! Ivory white Fastcast and micro painting, then some ultra clear Epoxy resin for the corneas. Very fiddly work! I have added some red flocking to the Fastcast to give the effect of blood vessels in the white of the eye. But they sink to the bottom, so I can have plain or very bloodshot eyes! Painting the irises is fiddly but the final result is worth it.

Method: Drill a 1.5mm hole into the eyeball, then using a large drill or countersink create a sunken iris to the right diameter. Easiest to do this by hand to get two the same. Then paint with acrylics, starting with the darkest colours, adding tiny flecks and details. Add black to the inside of the 1.5mm hole. When this is done, make the cornea by placing a few drops of water-clear epoxy on top. I placed a vaselined piece of wire in the hole before adding the epoxy, then extracted it once the epoxy was set. This leaves a hole for controlling the eye movement, but is rather visible, so perhaps there is a better way – either drilling the control hole at the side of the eye, or not having a hole at all and using something like a silicone wand or the eraser on the end of a pencil to move the eye.