First shot and making thatch

At last a shot completed! The silhouetted hounds of hell rising up from behind the reeds with their eyes flashing. Achieved using small torches mounted on the rig, and each hound attached to a vertically-mounted winder. The moco rig tracked in nicely to give the shot a bit more movement and a sense of foreboding. The first still has just the blue screen background, but the second has a sky inserted and slowly panning across. I had some difficulty with the low light I used to pick out the foreground. It seems that dimming even tungsten lights causes them to flicker noticeably. So in future it will need to be ND filters, or low wattage lights.                         


Here are a couple of pics of set construction from last year – building the church and a thatched cottage. Papier-mache pulp was used extensively, and sculpted into stone shapes once it had partially dried. Pine needles form the thatch for the roof, but took ages to hot-glue in place.

Attaching the pine needle thatch in bunches with hot glue.

Leon sculpting the papier mach pulp on the church tower.